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  • coffee
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    How Coffee Protects the Brain and Memory

    There is no secret that drinking coffee can affect energy levels, absorption, and also athletic performance. While these physical effects are commonly fast-acting, coffee has some long-term effects for health. Various bodies of research have recommended coffee may even help memory power and lower neurodegenerative issues, like dementia. Coffee and brain health In 2017, Boukje […] More

  • Depression
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    20 quotes to lift you out of depression

    Positive quotes on life are inspiring and provide motivation through life journey for all, especially the depressed. Depression is a serious, but treatable, mood disorder that interferes with daily activities. It affects the way a person thinks, feels, and handles daily activities like eating, working, sleeping or enjoying life. People suffering from depression go through […] More

  • Questions and Answers for the Abolishment of NOC Kafala in Qatar
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    Questions and Answers for the Abolishment of NOC: Kafala in Qatar

    In a historic move made by Qatar on 30 August 2020, expats working in Qatar no longer need No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their current employer/sponsor. When they need to switch jobs (regardless of whether their work contract is still valid) or sponsorship. Prior to this historic move, under Qatar’s “kafala” (Arabic word for sponsorship) […] More

  • kombucha


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    Does Kombucha Have Caffeine? Nutritionists Explain

    Frequently made using a base of green or black tea, kombucha offers health advantages that contain improved but health probiotics and a decent portion of antioxidants to the teas it’s produced using. The maturation procedure implies that your glass of kombucha will have a touch of alcohol—”normally amounts of alcohol in kombucha are around 0.5%, […] More

  • Namste
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    Do you know the meaning of Namaste?

    Namaste is a Sanskrit word and means “I bow to you.” ‘Nama’ means ‘bow’, ‘as’ means ‘I’, and ‘te’ means ‘you’ – together they add up to ‘I bow to you’. It’s an Indian form of greeting conveying respect and reverence, traditionally followed since ancient time. Namaste, also known as “Anjali Mudra” (prayer position for […] More

  • Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque
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    Awqaf to Reopened 150 More Mosques in Qatar

    The Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs declared that 150 extra mosques will return to get worshippers, starting from 28 August 2020. For Friday prayers, as part Stage 4 of the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Qatar. These 150 mosques are added into the list of mosques that were recently reopened as a […] More

  • Questions and Answers for the Abolishment of NOC Kafala in Qatar (1)

    Stage 4 : Split into 2 Stages; GCO

    The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management thanks to both residents and citizens for their responsibility to adhere to the precautionary steps to battle Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has added to restricting the spread of the virus. As the State of Qatar proceeds on to Stage 4, it is important for the community to keep on following […] More

  • Sheik Faisal Museum
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    Top 5 things you would love to see in Sheik Faisal Museum

    I think you have heard about the Sheik Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, which is an absolute to visit for anyone in Qatar desiring to find out about the social and archaeological history of Arab world. The museum has everything from coins, vehicles to carpets. Sheik Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani is a popular […] More

  • Thobe Qatari
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    What will be the Qatari Thobe?

    The Thobe! The Thobe has never left the fashion. It is classic like the rich Qatari traditions and its way of life. It might have taken current styling, however it is elegant and easy as it was back in the day and as much a source of pride among Qatari men as it was before […] More

  • Top 5 Qatari Traditions
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    Top 5 Qatari Traditions in Qatar

    Qatar’s traditions are strongly affected by the Bedouin culture with an importances on hospitality and network. Every nation has its own special appeal that is regularly reflected in their culture and traditions. In this case, these traditions get old and die away. It’s important to maintain them since they are in your identity. These little […] More

  • love languages
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    What is your love language?

    Did you feel misunderstood in your last relationship? Are you having problems with your spouse in expressing love? Perhaps you and your spouse/partner may be speaking entirely different love languages. The concept of love language was first introduced in the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, the marriage counsellor and radio talk show […] More

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