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  • metro express
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    Metro express tour guide of Qatar

    What is metro-express? The Metro-express is similar to Doha Metro’s Uber service, except it’s free (currently on free trial) and only works in determined areas. Contrary to Metro link, the metro-express is an on-demand ride-sharing service. The traveller will be able to ride on a fleet of Mercedes Vito vans straight from one of the […] More

  • Boho Social
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    10 Best attractive restaurant interiors in Qatar

    Boho Social The moment you enter, the Bohemian-designed interior will surely captivate you with a farrago of colors, patterns, and textures that work very well with each other. Both the interior and outdoor dining areas are marvellously designed, but the terrace of Boho Social will make you sit back there, relax and enjoy the moment […] More

  • Kitesurfing
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    Top 12 activities you must try in Qatar

    Kitesurfing Kitesurfing is a lively activity which you can do alone or with family. Qatar’s water is perfect to enjoy this thrilling sport. Flo Kite Schill in Qatar specializes in kitesurfing courses and clasp sessions at Fruwairit or Zekereet at QR 550 for 2 hours on weekdays and QR 750 for 2 hours on weekends. […] More

  • electric scooters
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    Everything about E-scooters in Qatar

    What are e-scooters? E-scooter is also known as electric scooters have two wheels, steering, a platform to stand on, brakes, stem, battery, lights, and a small electric motor. It’s like manual scooters without motor and periodic charging. E-scooters are also foldable which makes them a more portable option than bicycles. E-scooters in Qatar Nowadays, the […] More

  • gardening

    Gardening supplies in Qatar

    The list of places where you can buy all the gardening supplies you want and will suit your needs in Qatar. Plant Nurseries Qatar had an abundance of plant nurseries. However, most of the nursery shops are located in Doha, those in other locality also have an equal share of them.  You can find ‘n’ […] More

  • hiking.
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    Hiking places in Qatar

    According to the definition, we can hike in the desert, near the sea, and enjoy the beautiful views around us, and Qatar has many such landscapes to offer. If you are doing hiking for the first time, you must know that hiking is a low effect workout, and according to studies, hiking has many physical […] More

  • VIsit VISA
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    Rules & Qualification of Qatar Visit Visa

    The Interior Ministry in Qatar provides entry visas of numerous types, including, visa-on-arrival, visa-in-advance, electronic notification, etc., build on the laws and decisions. The candidate should own a valid passport specifying a minimum of a six-month time span and a return ticket. Other countries may also need hotel reservations, cash, or credit card too. Visa-free entry to […] More

  • camel race in doha qatar
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    Know everything about Al Shahaniya Camel racing in Qatar

    Camel racing has been one of the most important parts of Qatari lifestyle for centuries. But the professional camel racing started in 1970s. It first started at weddings as a form of entertainment but today has become a multi-million dollar business and a lucrative form of revenue generation. People from around Qatar and Gulf region […] More

  • Banana Island Qatar
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    Know about the Island around Qatar’s coast

    Qatar has some of the most beautiful islands in the world which are both man-made and natural. While some of the islands are uninhabited, some are allowed access by visitors and tourists. Let us know about these islands here – Al Aaliya Island The Al Aaliya Island is an uninhabited Island near The Pearl. It […] More

  • Zekreet Fort
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    Top 5 Places to See Qatar’s West Coast

    Can’t you travel overseas? Getaway without having any permission to travel away by exploring more of Qatar. Need to escape and disappear? Schedule some of these trips for a simple weekend by the getaway from Doha! During this week’s Top 5, we’re starting with Qatar’s western side. Here are the top 5 destinations you’ll check […] More

  • Municipal Qatar
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    How to Request for Pest Control with the Ministry of Municipality?

    Pests like insects, termites, rodents, bedbugs, etc. Can come from any place and whenever. They can cause different health issues including allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory diseases, and even mental health issues. Whenever left unattended, it may get overpowering for the landlord, owner or tenant to control the spread. Are nasty insects and rodents bothering you? […] More

  • Company Sponsorship in Qatar
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    The Notification Terms Needed for Leaving Job in Qatar

    There was a confusion between the announcements on MADSLA’s website and the GCO statement regarding the notification period. We reached out to the Ministry Of Administrative Development, Labor, Social Affairs and the following the final updates. To change jobs: Workers should inform their employers through the electronic system of the Ministry Of Administrative Development, Labor […] More

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