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  • Intuition
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    8 Habits of an intuitive person

    Intuition, also referred to as ‘gut feeling’, is the process of gaining knowledge and understanding without using the normal procedure of learning, thinking or the five senses.  It’s also known as the ‘sixth sense’, stressing on the existence of an additional sense (other than the five senses), that guides us through life’s decisions and plans. […] More

  • Beauty Elixir Of All Generation
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    Hibiscus: The Beauty Elixir Of All Generation

    Hibiscus is an ornamental plant, cultivated for its beautiful flowers, available in several bright colours like red, white, yellow, pink and orange. Popularly known as hibiscus, it’s also known by other names in different parts of the world. Rose Mallow, China Rose, Hardy Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, Tropical Hibiscus and Roselle are some other names […] More

  • Healthy Diet
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    8 Tips for Healthy Diet

    A healthy diet means eating food rich in nutrients that help to improve or maintain good health, and prevent diseases. It comprises a balance of different categories of food and all the nutrients that are essential for bodily functions. Human body needs carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water from a variety of plant-sourced and […] More

  • Chinese massage
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    Do you know what is Chinese Massage?

    Chinese massage is referred to a group of therapeutic massages practised within traditional Chinese medicine. It uses techniques that promote holistic health by promoting free flow of energy, or “qi” throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, massage is one of the primary modes of treatment, in association with herbal medicine, dietary regulation, acupuncture and qigong […] More

  • Natural moisturizers
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    9 Natural Moisturizers at home

    Skincare stores across the world are flush with countless skin products promising beautiful skin at a cost. These over-the-counter-products may no doubt work for some people, but it takes a lot of trial and error (and heartbreaks) to reach the appropriate skin products. These lotions & potions have tons of ingredients and preservatives (which may […] More

  • toner
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    Juice Cleanse: How It Works

    What is juice cleanse A juice cleanse is a special diet comprising of only juices extracted from vegetables and fruits, for periods ranging from 24 hours to 10 days. Sometimes called juice fast, this diet is adopted with an aim to lose weight and for overall body detoxification. Currently different variations of juice cleanse exist, […] More

  • Cross Fit
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    Top 10 Badass Female CrossFit Athletes

    CrossFit is a core strengthening program. It’s a high intensity workout program, designed to improve overall fitness, including strength, power, flexibility, stamina and coordination. CrossFit movements focus on actions like pulling, pushing, squatting or lifting to train the body. Kettlebells and battle ropes are a few fitness props used in most CrossFit classes. CrossFit workout […] More

  • signs of Narcissistic personality Disorder
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    Do you know Traits of a narcissistic personality

    Narcissism is a mental state wherein the person has exaggerated sense of self-importance, lack of empathy for other people and obsessive craving for attention. In common parlance, such people are defined as narcissists, and they strongly believe that they are special and deserve special treatment from people around them. They are self-centered and likely to […] More

  • anxiety
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    Anxiety: Mental Health & Wellness

    Anxiety is a natural human response to feelings of fear or uneasiness about something that might happen in future. It’s your body’s response to stress. We all experience a little bit of anxiety every day. For instance, the first day to school/college, attending a job interview, or giving a speech may cause nervousness in most […] More

  • Energy healing
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    Unlock Your Body’s Healing Energy

    Energy healing is a holistic healing practice that restores the energy balance by stimulating free flow of energy throughout the body. The process of energy healing involves activating the body’s energy points to remove the blockages. The idea is to remove energy blocks to stimulate the body’s inherent ability of self-healing. The concept of healing […] More

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