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  • Depression
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    20 quotes to lift you out of depression

    Positive quotes on life are inspiring and provide motivation through life journey for all, especially the depressed. Depression is a serious, but treatable, mood disorder that interferes with daily activities. It affects the way a person thinks, feels, and handles daily activities like eating, working, sleeping or enjoying life. People suffering from depression go through […] More

  • kombucha


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    Does Kombucha Have Caffeine? Nutritionists Explain

    Frequently made using a base of green or black tea, kombucha offers health advantages that contain improved but health probiotics and a decent portion of antioxidants to the teas it’s produced using. The maturation procedure implies that your glass of kombucha will have a touch of alcohol—”normally amounts of alcohol in kombucha are around 0.5%, […] More

  • love languages
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    What is your love language?

    Did you feel misunderstood in your last relationship? Are you having problems with your spouse in expressing love? Perhaps you and your spouse/partner may be speaking entirely different love languages. The concept of love language was first introduced in the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, the marriage counsellor and radio talk show […] More

  • burning sage
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    How about sage cleansing your home?

    What is sage and smudging? Sage or garden sage is an aromatic herb widely cultivated for adding flavour to cuisines all over the world. The scientific name of this evergreen plant is Salvia officinalis, and it’s a member of the mint family. It has natural healing properties and has served as remedial medication for stomach […] More

  • Chakras
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    A Beginner’s Guide to The 7 Chakras

    The seven “Chakras” are the wheels of energy in our body. These energy points also known as life force, or prana, are spinning and rotating freely in healthy individuals. The energy wheel within our body must remain open and flow freely as they are aligned to the nerves, organs and other important centers in the […] More

  • skin care
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    5 Things to Cause and Skin Care Fixes to Dry Skin around the Nose

    There are some places of skin that will generally get drier faster than others: knuckles, elbows, corners of the mouth, and the nose. If you’ve got few patches of red, flaky, excited skin around under nostrils, you may find its trigger, especially perplexing. You’ve thought you nailed it down to winter colds. But then you […] More

  • discover your spirit animal
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    How to discover your spirit animal

    Spirit animals are the personal messengers that come to an individual in the form of an animal. As per Native American traditions, they are the spiritual guides that appear to us in the form we are willing to see them. Often people connect to their spiritual guides through their pets or other animals around them. […] More

  • Food and Mood
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    Do you know the Connection Between Food and Mood

    The food we eat fuels the entire body, including the brain that regulates the functioning of various bodily functions, such as the digestive, endocrine, circulatory and excretory system. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrients, which affects the structure and functioning of the brain – eventually affecting mood. A diet comprising of food […] More

  • back-pain
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    Know why your lower back pains after Intercourse

    Back pain issues are common these days. Not only old people but young people too experience back pain issues the same. There can be many reasons of back pain such as age, gender, daily activities, health issues, toxicity accumulated in the body, injury and more. There are several other reasons and causes of back pain. […] More

  • Corona virus
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    Coronavirus Cases overview in Qatar

    Qatar has tested over 520360 until today 9th August 2020. Government of Qatar has taken various precaution measure to stop spreading this pandemic. So far 109709 people recovered from Corona. As on today 3054 active COVID19 Positive Cases More

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