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  • How to Find Best Affordable Apartments in Doha Qatar
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    How to Find Best Affordable Apartments in Doha Qatar

    It’s possible! You can find best and affordable apartments in Qatar. Many people living in the country have the precipitation that luxurious places are very expensive to rent. But in Qatar, particularly in Doha, you can find apartments for rent with various prices. There have been many job cuts in the previous few months and […] More

  • lost things in Qatar
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    Where to find your Things you Have Lost in Qatar

    Have you lost your personal things like a resident ID card, driving’s license, your wallet, important cheques or your telephone in Qatar and didn’t know where to report? We’ll tell you how you can report these important things; it’s a genuinely easy way. Step by step instructions to report via Metrash2 App Login to your […] More

  • Grace Period
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    What is the Grace Period for Residence Permit (RP) after Expiry or Cancellation?

    Residence Permit is given to people who are working and living in Qatar. The employer/sponsor is the one that normally handles the way toward obtaining the Residence Permit, also called RP, in the interest of the person. However, what happens after your RP is expired or cancelled? Expired Residence Permit (RP) After the RP expiry […] More

  • Amir Guards
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    A guide for the Qatar Armed Forces

    When Qatar obtained freedom on 3 September 1971, the nation’s military was composed of just the Royal Guard Regiment and as well as a couple of dispersed units with defensively covered vehicles and four airplanes. Qatar began adding to its military with the help of Great Britain. In 1992, Qatar’s military had increased upto 7,500 […] More

  • TOP 5 Plants to Grow in Qatar
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    Top 5 Plants to Grow in Qatar

    Plants have many advantages; the greatest one being that they filter the toxins in the air all around in your house. Plants also help reduce stress, strain your eyes and are great for your happiness. And they are a good addition to your home style. This is a good chance to explore different experiments with […] More

  • Questions and Answers for the Abolishment of NOC Kafala in Qatar


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    Questions and Answers for the Abolishment of NOC: Kafala in Qatar

    In a historic move made by Qatar on 30 August 2020, expats working in Qatar no longer need No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their current employer/sponsor. When they need to switch jobs (regardless of whether their work contract is still valid) or sponsorship. Prior to this historic move, under Qatar’s “kafala” (Arabic word for sponsorship) […] More

  • Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque
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    Awqaf to Reopened 150 More Mosques in Qatar

    The Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs declared that 150 extra mosques will return to get worshippers, starting from 28 August 2020. For Friday prayers, as part Stage 4 of the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Qatar. These 150 mosques are added into the list of mosques that were recently reopened as a […] More

  • What Kind of Gatherings are Allowed in Phase 4
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    What Kind of Gatherings are Allowed in Phase 4?

    Stage 4 of the gradual lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions has started. However, I don’t know the meaning for gatherings? What is allowed and how many people can gather during the first part of Stage 4? Find out below the safety for weddings, Religious Complex, mosques, parties, theaters and films, trade-shows, museum, conferences and cultural […] More

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