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Why is water so important for your health.

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Drinking Water Is Good For Your Body

We all know the important of drinking water on hot sunny days to beat the heat. But the intake of fluids is a necessity for every single day, irrespective of the temperature outside. However, a few of us are still not getting enough water – the young as well as older adults. Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being, still many people do not consume enough fluids each day.

But why is water so important for your health?

Inadequate consumption of water can affect your physical health, as adult human beings are made up of 60% water, and blood is an important body fluid comprising of 90% water. Water helps your body to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your food, thus increasing your chances of health & wellness. Water is also involved in various important bodily functions, including:

  • helping brain functions,
  • regulating body temperature, and
  • flushing out body’s waste.

Learn more about the different ways water helps in your well-being.

  1. Water is essential for healthy functioning of kidneys

Your kidneys play an important role in the excretion of waste through urine. Filtering of waste by the kidneys require adequate water in the body. Studies suggest that people with dehydration problem are likely to develop kidney stones that form in the kidneys. There is limited evidence that adequate water intake may help your kidneys to work more efficiently and prevent kidney stones. Higher intake of fluids will increase the volume of urine passing through the kidneys, diluting the mineral concentration. So, there is less probability of urinary stones forming up in the urinary system.

  •  Water helps proper functioning of every system in body

Hydration effects brain function and may impact your energy levels. Studies on children as well as adults suggest that even mild dehydration may impair brain performance, memory and mood. Inadequate water intake can cause increased feeling of anxiety & fatigue, reducing your sense of wellbeing.

During intense exercise or when the seasonal temperature is high, water enhances your wellbeing by regulating your body temperature. But intense sweating can lead to dehydration, as your body looses vital electrolytes & plasma. This can result in physical and mental fatigue. Staying hydrated with water will maximize your physical performance.

Drinking more water helps in relieving constipation, a common problem of most humans. Constipation is characterized by infrequent bowel movements. It effects our overall health & wellbeing as the excretion of solid waste from our body is impacted. Most studies on constipation suggest increased intake of fluids & fibres as a relief.

Water is also a universal cure for preventing symptoms of hangovers, which is experienced after drinking alcohol. Study suggests that drinking water in between alcohol or a glass of water before going to bed may reduce the effects of a hangover.

  • Water hydrates skin and keeps it glowing

Dehydrated skin is vulnerable to premature wrinkling and other skin disorders. Drinking adequate water will keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Adequate water intake may also reduce the effects of aging by promoting collagen production. The relation between water and clear skin is timeless.

Our body is made up of muscles, tissues, bones, organs and blood, which is the main connective fluid contributing about 8% of your total body weight. Further, blood is composed of plasma (55%) and red blood corpuscles (45%), and the fluid plasma is 90-92% water. A healthy blood circulation system results in radiant & glowing skin. The right amount of water intake is vital for overall wellness as it keeps your skin hydrated, and affects every organ system in your body (from the muscular system to the digestive system). You are on the path to health and beauty only when your entire body is functioning properly.

  • Drinking water can aid in weight loss

Drinking lots of water may help you to lose weight as water gives a sense of satiety and boosts the metabolic rate. Intake of water half an hour before meals is considered to be the most effective as it reduces your appetite. Also, it’s best to drink cold water as your body uses more energy to raise the temperature of water to your body’s temperature.

Dehydration means less fluid is available for your body that reduces the kidney’s functioning, putting excessive stress on the liver. The liver’s main role is to burn body fats but when it has the added function of the kidney its performance is hampered, resulting in deposition of fat. The whole system works in a totally different manner when there is adequate water in the body.

Bottom line is that water is vital for your bodily functions. Drinking your daily recommended quantity of water will help you to maintain your current health status and may also improve your general health & wellbeing.

How to get your daily intake of water:

  • Carry your own water bottle wherever you go. That way you will drink whenever you are thirsty.
  • Keep a track of your water intake. Aim for an optimum amount every day, as per your body weight.
  • Ensure that you drink half of your recommended daily consumption by midday. Finish your quota an hour before you sleep.

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