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What is Fengshui Your Bedroom?


Fengshui is an ancient Chinese practise of creating a harmonious balance between the people and the objects in the environment, to enhance the chi (flow of energy) within a room, home and even in a working space. It is the art of arranging furniture, objects and spaces in a way that ensures unhindered flow of energy forces. The right balance of energy creates new relationships or enhances relationship between spouses, promotes good health and prosperity in the life of the occupants of the space or home.

The bedroom is the most important space in your home and definitely needs the right fengshui to ensure complete rest and relaxation through improved sleep. It is your personal space that determines your relationship with yourself, your spouse and other significant aspects of life. The bedroom has to be peaceful as you spend many hours sleeping here to rejuvenate yourself.

Tips to boost bedroom Fengshui

A fengshui bedroom will create positive energy in your personal space and prevent built-up of negative energy.

Here are some tips to boost your bedroom fengshui.

Bedroom layout

Placement of the bed is the most important feature in a bedroom layout. The bed has to be in commanding position. It means that you can see the door when you are lying in bed, but the bed is not directly in front of the door. Such an arrangement gives a sense of security as you have a clear view of anybody entering your personal space. Additionally, the bed has to be positioned in a way that there is equal space on both sides of the bed, allowing easy access to both the partners. Equal space on either side of the bed creates a balance of energy in the bedroom.

The bed

Get a Queen size bed to provide ample space for you and your partners. It balances the energy flow, promotes restful sleep at night and fosters togetherness. The bed linens should feel good and promote comfort in bed. Breathable linens, soft pillows and mattresses are a prerequisite for restful sleep and intimacy. 

Solid headboard

The headboard is a symbol of stability in the relationship. So, your bedroom definitely needs one and preferably in wood, without bars or holes in it to provide a feeling of support and strength. Place it against a solid wall, with available space on the left, right and foot of the bed.

Colour scheme

Make the bedroom a soothing and relaxing haven with warm colours reflecting nature, such as off-white, peach, cream, cocoa, etc. Cool colours like lavenders, greens and light blue tone infuse relaxation and promote sleep. Avoid stark white, too much peach or cool colours as it disbalances the energy in the bedroom. Go for a blend of 50% warm tones and 50% cool hues.

Pair up

Get two nightstands that are well-rounded (without sharp edges) and placed on either side of the bed. It provides storage space for both of you. If you want lamps, get two similar ones – one for each side to maintain the balance. Additionally, get two pillows and two seats, even if you do not have a partner at the moment. Even accessories like mandarin ducks or carved hearts should be kept in pairs to maintain the energy balance in the bedroom.

Avoid these in a bedroom fengshui

Fengshui principles advise against placing certain things in the bedroom to prevent disruption of energy balance.

Here are a few items you need to move out of the bedroom.


Remove everything from underneath the bed as it causes stress and anxiety. Things stored under the bed creates an energy block in the subconscious. Bedroom fengshui strongly advises against any sort of storage under the bed. But if you have a storage bed, use it only to store bedding-related things like pillows, linens or blankets.


Mirrors are believed to enhance the energy in the bedroom and cause sleep disturbance. Be mindful never to place a mirror in front of the bed as it is thought to bring a third person in the relationship. If you must have a mirror in the bedroom, then place it inside a closet or have one facing the window.


Electronic devices have electromagnetic fields that affects our health. Devises like laptops, mobiles and TVs release energy even when they are not in use, disrupting sleep and affecting the circadian rhythms. It’s best to leave these outside the bedroom to improve the quality of sleep.


Plants have a lot of active energy and represent growth, which affect the relaxation vibe you’re aiming for in the bedroom. They bring too much yang energy into the bedroom and bring sleep problems for the occupants. It’s best to move all houseplants to other rooms and use earth tones as accents in rugs and pillow covers, or with a picture of wooded landscape.  


Books have active energy and keeps the mind stimulated. It’s alright to have one or two books in the nightstand but an entire bookshelf stacked with books overpower the space, giving it a feel of workspace. Keep them out of the bedroom to promote restful sleep at night.

The takeaway

Bedroom fengshui helps to create a harmonious balance of energy in the most important room of your home. Incorporating fengshui principles while doing the interiors of the bedroom will make this space a relaxing environment, where you can rest and sleep in peace.

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