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Unlock Your Body’s Healing Energy

Energy healing

Energy healing is a holistic healing practice that restores the energy balance by stimulating free flow of energy throughout the body. The process of energy healing involves activating the body’s energy points to remove the blockages. The idea is to remove energy blocks to stimulate the body’s inherent ability of self-healing.

The concept of healing energy has been scientifically used in various cultures to treat diseases and health conditions. The Japanese have traditionally used Reiki to remove energy blocks. Ancient Chinese have practised acupuncture to promote free flow of energy. In fact, ancient Indian texts have detailed descriptions of the 7 chakras that are the energy points flowing freely throughout the body.

Who can go for energy healing?

The practise of energy healing targets the invisible forces in the body and around it, by creating positive vibes to encourage the body to heal itself. People suffering from stress, anxiety and lack of energy are likely to benefit from an energy healing session. Even those in good health can visit an energy healer to feel more energetic and relaxed. The practise of energy healing offers maximum benefit to people with an open mind.

Types of energy healing practises

There are several types of energy healing practises in vogue all over the world. Each one of them use different techniques, but the underlying concept remains the same – releasing blocked energy.

Here is a brief introduction on some of the popular energy healing practises.



Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing technique that restores the self-healing process of the body. It stimulates the natural flow of Qi energy through specific pathways called meridians, to maintain the balance between the yin and yang forces. Small, fine needles are used by acupuncturists to remove blockages in the smooth flow of energy. Acupuncture is increasingly used to treat symptoms as well as the root cause of diseases.



Reiki is the Japanese technique of energy healing. The practise relies on hand movements and specific symbols to attract and guide the energy from the universe to heal the body. The healing energy of Reiki can effectively be used to treat flu, cold, headaches and stomach aches. Reiki is a holistic treatment of the body, mind & spirit – promoting physical relaxation, inducing mental calmness and a general feeling of wellbeing.



Reflexology is the process of stimulating the pressure points on hands, feet and ears. The reflex points or pressure points correspond to specific areas of the body. The practice of reflexology relies on freeing the blocked energy by manipulating the reflex points through massages. Reflexology helps to eliminate or reduce health conditions ranging from headaches to stress relief, by improving circulation of blood and nutrients.


Massage is a technique of energy healing via manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissues in the body. The hands-on practice promotes smooth flow of energy, enabling the body to balance and heal itself. This energy healing technique relieves muscle tension, boost the lymph flow and generates deep relaxation.

Maintaining energy balance

Energy healing brings positive vibe and promotes free flow of energy. The rebalanced energy can be maintained by revisiting the energy healer when you start feeling sluggish and unwell for no specific reason. Additionally, you can follow certain energy healing practises at home. Taking Epsom salt baths or Sage smudging helps to keep the energy flowing smoothly in the body. You can also rely on healing crystals to boost the body’s energy flow.

Word of caution: Energy healing is a complementary mode of treatment, and it should be practised or availed in conjunction with Western medicine.

The practise of energy healing works differently on different people. So, results may not be the same. Energy healing has worked miracles for some people, especially those suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. Believers have experienced increased relaxation and reduced emotional distress.

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