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Top 10 Badass Female CrossFit Athletes

Cross Fit

CrossFit is a core strengthening program. It’s a high intensity workout program, designed to improve overall fitness, including strength, power, flexibility, stamina and coordination. CrossFit movements focus on actions like pulling, pushing, squatting or lifting to train the body. Kettlebells and battle ropes are a few fitness props used in most CrossFit classes.

CrossFit workout involves focus, discipline, hard work and consistency to attain the fittest version of oneself. It’s about pushing the body to its limit, attaining the power and strength to do unbelievable things, while achieving an enviable shape. Today CrossFit is a popular workout for women across the world who train just to lose weight or to get into better shape. However, there are a bunch of females out there who not only want a fit body, but also want to get the title of “Fittest Women in the World”.

10 badass female CrossFit athletes

CrossFit is a tough sport for females (also males) that requires long hours of training. It’s not easy but the result is complete fitness and a strong body.

Here is a lowdown on some of the best CrossFit athletes on this planet.

Annie Thorisdottir

Two-time CrossFit Games winner (2011-2012) Annie Thorisdottir is an iconic CrossFit champion. Since 2009, Iceland Annie (called so as she hails from Reykjavik, Iceland) never missed a competitive CrossFit Game except 2013 due to a back injury. However, she returned to the game in 2014 and was placed second. The 30-year old female athlete is the co-owner of Crossfit Reykjavik.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

CrossFit athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet won the title of 2014 Fittest Women on Earth. The French-Canadian athlete is a CrossFit veteran competing seven times at the CrossFit Games and finished in the top 10, in four of the events. Today the 31-year old athlete is an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts across the world. Leblanc-Bazinet also holds a Chemical engineering degree.

Samantha Briggs

Winner of the 2013 CrossFit Games, 38-year old Samantha Briggs is a name to reckon with in the CrossFit world. After debuting in 2010 and finishing fourth in 2011, the English athlete suffered a severe knee injury that prevented her appearance in 2012. But she came back with a vengeance and took home the “Fittest Woman on Earth” title. In four of the CrossFit Games that the elite CrossFit athlete appeared, she was among the top five.

Kara Saunders

Australian CrossFit athlete Kara Webb Saunders won her first CrossFit title in her debut competition at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Australasia Regionals. The 30-year-old CrossFit competitor & entrepreneur has the distinction of being named Australia’s Fittest Female in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016. And in 2016 she was the 2nd fittest in the country.

Elisabeth Akinwale

Elisabeth Akinwale started her career as competitive gymnast, which she had to give up due to knee injuries. During her recovery from knee surgeries she practised weights to strengthen her knees. Weightlifting helped her to recover completely and she started participating in CrossFit Games. At 41, the American female athlete has made a mark in CrossFit Games and Olympic Weightlifting.

Brooke Ence

Thirty-year old Brooke Ence got her first taste of success as a CrossFit athlete at the 2015 CrossFit Games, the very year she was initiated into the game. The fitness model was placed 14th at the competition, jump-starting her career in the world of CrossFit and fitness. She has rightfully gained a reputation as elite competitor, staking the third position in the 2016 CrossFit California Regionals.

Sandy Hill

At 64, Sandy Hill is a CrossFit superstar, incredibly fit and an inspiration to all women (and men as well). The CrossFit athlete has ascended all Seven Summits (mountain peaks in seven continents), only the second American to do so. Sandy was placed eight at the Masters Qualifier Round, making her eligible for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Emily Bridgers

Emily Bridgers has been a competitive CrossFit athlete ever since her first appearance in 2011 CrossFit Games. And was ranked sixth at the CrossFit Games in 2014. The 32-year old CrossFitter is currently an owner of a CrossFit Terminus in Atlanta, Georgia.

Becca Voigt Miller

At 39 years, Becca Voigt Miller is the most recognized CrossFit athlete in USA. Ever since she made her first appearance in 2008 CrossFit Game, Voigt Miller has been the most consistent athlete in the sport, qualifying every year for the event. The competitive athlete took the third place in 2011 and won the Spirit of the Games Award in 2014. 

Deborah Diamond

For Deborah Diamond age is just another number and she’s a force to reckon with at the CrossFit Games in the 60+ division. At 65 years of age, with 5’0” and just 129 pounds, Deb Diamond is packed with ample strength.

The world of CrossFit is all about discipline, hard work and consistency. Each of the above CrossFit athletes are dedicated to the sport as well as to fitness, irrespective of their age and home country. They are an inspiration to all women to get started with their fitness regime and continue with it.

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