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Tips for building immunity

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Yogic Kriyas are the ancient meditation techniques that helps in cleansing the body and mind. These kriyas help to cleanse the internal organs by removing toxic wastes through the various eliminatory organs, i.e. lungs, liver, kidney, intestines and skin.

Sudhi Kriya

Sudhi kriyas work towards achieving total purification for your body. The various techniques involved in sudhi kriya are – Gargling, Jalaneti, Oil Pulling, Facial Steam Inhalation, Kapalbhati, Uddiyana and Agnisar. These kriyas help in maintaining the nasal and mouth hygiene by cleansing your nose, throat and mouth. This prevents attack by pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus and other microorganisms. Clean nasal passage enables better breathing, meaning more oxygen, which is the final hydrogen acceptor in the process. The entire process leads to release of great energy that helps in building and strengthening the body’s immunity.


Pranayama is a type of meditation technique that involves controlled breathing, which increases energy, releases stress, and helps in improving mental clarity and physical health. Bhastrika, Ujjai, Bhramari and Suryabhedana are the different types of Pranayama that are effective in improving the body’s pulmonary function. Thus, improving cellular respiration that helps in breakdown of glucose into carbon dioxide and water in cells, releasing the much-needed energy required for building and strengthening the body’s immunity. The Bhramari pranayam enhances production of nitric oxide, which helps in improving the blood flow in the body.


Asanas boost your immune system through various postures. Jatharapravrtiasana, Vipreetkarni, Janusirsasana, Dhanurasana and Malasana are among the most effective yoga asanas to build and improve your immune system. These postures involve inversions and forward folds, improving blood flow through the lymphatic system that removes toxins and also carries the immune boosting cells throughout the body.

The body needs energy to complete any physical activity – even the yoga asanas mentioned here needs energy. If the breathing technique is accurate, then the process of releasing energy occurs in the presence of oxygen. And your body’s immunity is built in the presence of energy. A health immune system requires lots of energy, carbon dioxide, water, glucose and oxygen.


Mudras in yoga are certain “gestures” mostly performed by hand, but some of them are practised with the whole body. Mudras are beneficial in healing us emotionally and physically. Among the mudras, the Aswanimudra is great for building your immunity. In this mudra, performers withdraw and release the Anal Sphincter continuously for as long as they are comfortable. Sitting In a meditative position like Padmasana, Swastikasana, Ardha Padmasana or Sukhasana is best, but it can

also be performed while sitting in a chair. Aswanimudra stimulates the thymus gland, which boosts your immune system.

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