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The Social Media Virus Has Caught Us Now

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Yes, the virus has caught us all. By this, I do not at all mean Covid-19, which has become a big threat to the human race. Here, I am talking about the huge social media virus which has captured millions of Netizens in and around the world. It has become a part of our everyday lives now.

And why not? Social media is that platform where you can get any information or share just anything, even thoughts with just a click of a button. But anything that is vastly expanded, shares a palette of positivity and negativity.

Do you remember those fun-frolic childhood days when Sunday was a ‘fun-day’? Or those college days when sending a letter to your girl was nothing less than a victory?

For Generation X Netizens, this might sound like a 90’s story, but to my fellow friends, this is something that was a part of our lives. So, before digging deep to unveil the reason, let’s find out why social media is such a topic for debate.

What is so good about social media?

You Stay Updated: When you get all the information at one single platform, you are bound to stay up-to-date. Social media is no more just about uploading your selfies and counting the trail of likes or sending birthday wishes. It has become a place where important information is shared from across the world. With the outbreak of Covid-19, many doctors and scientists are sharing research-based and informative content so that the world gets ready to fight against this epidemic. Starting from the count of the infected to the recovered one, along with the various measures taken by different countries; you get everything on social media.

You Stay Connected: With the ‘self-isolation’ jargon everywhere, social media acts as a boon, especially for the loved ones who are still afar. What better option can let you stay connected with your friends and family in a time like this? When you are a social media user, you can also get in touch with that long lost friend of yours that you once knew in high school or college. With the power of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, people are socializing virtually. So, stay connected and spread love.

You Gather Positivity: Yes, that’s true! Hop onto the social media bandwagon and positivity follows. Upload your favourite picture and watch how much like awaits you. Don’t limit yourself to just a picture because creativity, motivation and opportunity are loved by all. When you have interview fever, you’ll find some great tips on social media. When you intend to start a healthy lifestyle, you’ll find various health and yoga experts. So, next time if you have a bad mood, you know where to find that ultimate solace!

Social Issues Too Get a Platform: Voice always does not need a face. This is unquestionably true for the Netizens, who are active social media users. Social media is a great platform to speak about the social issues which are infecting people physically as well as mentally. Whether the issues are related to

women abuse, domestic violence, child labour and trafficking, job disparity, constitutional and political differences and more. With social media, you become the voice for those unprivileged voiceless souls. Here, you can stand for the right and against for the wrong without being present there physically.

But there is no denying that sometimes we do have to pay a price for excessive use of social media.

What’s not so good about social media?

Addictive Syndrome: Now this addiction is more acute than drinking or smoking. The ever-rising pressure amongst the peers has made it believe that if you do not have a social media account, you do not exist. The result is that once a time-pass platform has now turned into an addictive zone for those using it. Reasons for such a drastic transformation could be the captivating content that keeps users engaged. People can also share pictures, get likes, followers and get into a conversation with their social media friends. With so much to gain, peers have started developing a Facebook addictive disorder.

Delusion or Illusion: Everyone is beautiful and there is no need to use filters to make others believe so. But the fact is that for quite some time, social media users is trying to fit into an illusionary image about what they should look like. In simple words, there is a rush to earn other’s approval for their appearance. They link their worth with their looks. Boys usually play the alpha males and girls turn into beauty pageants. Do you think, this is cool?

Anxiety, Depression: It has been found that most of the Netizens whose life goes parallel with social media often develop depression from a very early stage. They are hooked to their phones which have also resulted in several health issues, depression being the most common, especially in teenagers. A recent study shows that today youths are suffering from ‘Fear of Missing out’ (FOMO) because of social media usage. Temporary happy hormones may result is severe and prolonged health issues.

Cyber Crime: Over recent years, there has been a huge rise in cyber-crime cases. This has become a growing concern amongst the parents as children are becoming tech-savvy. They are the most vulnerable ones. The social media platform has made trolling and bullying extremely easy without no information about the culprit. Parent of teenagers should ensure that social media is used in an appropriate way by their children.

Well, having written like a pro and you being reading this piece on a social media platform, I would still like to go back to those days where I would simply wait for time infinite to get a response for that letter (wink). However, we cannot ignore the fact that if social media is used in the right manner, it can be a boon for humanity.

Let us know how the various activities of the social media world are touching your personal lives. We would eagerly love to hear from you!

Happy surfing!

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