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    Boats and Yacht Rental services in Qatar

    In summer we all enjoy swing, we just can hardly wait to get out and have some good times in the sun. Boating or taking the yacht out with your loved ones in the quiet oceans of Qatar sounds about great, right? Qatari specialists have reported that they would start Phase 3 of COVID-19 related […] More

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    Know how Big is Qatar?

    This can be the most interesting truth that you’ll hear today. According to The Telegraph, the Qatar’s state is one of the most urbanized places on the planet, along with the travel industry giants Singapore and Hong Kong, over 99% of its occupants considering themselves town or city dwellers despite of the small Arabian peninsula […] More

  • Abayas
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    Know why Abayas are mostly black in Qatar

    Most women in Qatar and Middle East wear Abayas and they are mostly black coloured. For Muslims in this part of the world, an Abaya is a sign of respect, dignity, modesty and convenience as per Islamic teachings. The Abayas are long and covers the whole body from neck to wrists and to the feet […] More

  • Top 5 Projects
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    know the top 5 mega projects underway in Qatar

    In the entire gulf region, Qatar is gaining supremacy when it comes to architectural marvels. And since the announcement of FIFA World Cup in 2022, a lot of infrastructural projects have been accepted and work on them either nearly finished or will be finished in the coming year. In this article, we bring forth five […] More

  • Qatar Population
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    Know about the Population and Expat nationalities in Qatar

    Qatar is said to have a very diverse population. Though being one among the smallest countries in the world, its diaspora is present in almost all countries and have been respected all over the world. Every year, thousands from around the world throng to Qatar to seek good job opportunity. In 2017, Qatar’s Prime Minister […] More

  • Al Thakira
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    Al Thakira Mangroves – The most visited place in Qatar

    Al Thakira Mangroves is one of the most visited places in Qatar. it is among the oldest and largest forests in Qatar and has been revered among all the centuries of its existence. The place is located very nearby to the Al Khor Industrial area. To find such a beautiful location around an industrial area […] More

  • Exceptions Permit in Qatar


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    How one can apply for ‘Exceptional Entry Permit’ to Qatar

    Exceptional Entry Permit is an important document which lets the residents of Qatar who are stuck abroad due to Covid19. The applications for the Exceptional Entry Permit would start from August 01, 2020 and will allow employers and employees from governmental and private companies  to come back to Qatar. Applying for Exceptional Entry Permit When […] More

  • Tourist in Qatar
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    Top Tourist hotspots in Qatar

    Qatar is a wonderland. It receives one of the highest numbers of tourists from around the world in the gulf region courtesy to its fully developed tourism sector. The tourism in Qatar is defined by the architecture the country has developed particularly in the last two decades. The efficient tourism sector has led to huge […] More

  • Qatar
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    Do you know the cities of Qatar

    Qatar is one of the fastest growing countries in the world economy wise and some of its cities have made their own mark on the map of the world because of their stupendous architecture and facilities available there. Apart from their world-class architecture, these cities have a lot of tourist spots that one would be […] More

  • Learn Arabic Names
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    Learn Arabic Names and their English Counterparts

    You may have heard a lot of Arabic names while interacting with someone or through any medium. But, have you ever come to know that these Arabic names have somewhat similar English names and meanings? Well, let’s discuss more about it.  Firstly, Why do we Keep Names ?  Have you ever thought that every human […] More

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