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  • 12 Laws of Universe
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    12 Laws Of The Universe

    The 12 universal laws are a series of interconnected spiritual laws that have an impact on all aspects of human life. Each of the 12 universal laws teach something unique about life – attachments, happiness, success, empathy and wellbeing. Deep insight into these laws will help you in getting a clear picture of the universe […] More

  • signs of Narcissistic personality Disorder
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    Do you know Traits of a narcissistic personality

    Narcissism is a mental state wherein the person has exaggerated sense of self-importance, lack of empathy for other people and obsessive craving for attention. In common parlance, such people are defined as narcissists, and they strongly believe that they are special and deserve special treatment from people around them. They are self-centered and likely to […] More

  • anxiety
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    Anxiety: Mental Health & Wellness

    Anxiety is a natural human response to feelings of fear or uneasiness about something that might happen in future. It’s your body’s response to stress. We all experience a little bit of anxiety every day. For instance, the first day to school/college, attending a job interview, or giving a speech may cause nervousness in most […] More

  • Vitamins
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    Vitamins: Health and Wellness for All

    Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential for your body to survive and stay healthy. They are needed in small quantities to enable smooth functioning of the body. For instance, vitamins help your body to resist infections, keep nerves healthy, help blood to clot, and to get energy from food. Vitamins are the micronutrients that […] More

  • Food and Mood
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    Do you know the Connection Between Food and Mood

    The food we eat fuels the entire body, including the brain that regulates the functioning of various bodily functions, such as the digestive, endocrine, circulatory and excretory system. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrients, which affects the structure and functioning of the brain – eventually affecting mood. A diet comprising of food […] More

  • back-pain
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    Know why your lower back pains after Intercourse

    Back pain issues are common these days. Not only old people but young people too experience back pain issues the same. There can be many reasons of back pain such as age, gender, daily activities, health issues, toxicity accumulated in the body, injury and more. There are several other reasons and causes of back pain. […] More

  • Physical fitness
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    Make Exercise a Habit for Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness is your ability to perform daily tasks and routine physical activities without fatigue. It’s a state of physical health and wellness that reflects your body’s ability to participate in various sports, occupation and daily activities. Generally, physical fitness is attained through proper nutrition, regular exercise and adequate rest. Physical exercise is vital for […] More

  • Stress
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    How to Cope with Stress?

    Stress, in general, is a reaction of your body to any changes that requires an adjustment, especially if it’s perceived as a threat. Each one of us experience stress at different times due to environmental, physical or emotional triggers in life. Our body reacts to these triggers and gives responses, which can be good or […] More

  • qatar football
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    Football for fitness

    When you mention sport, what captivates your mind is physical fitness and endurance; but that’s not all, sports have helped individuals to battle the psychological aspects like anxiety and depression as well and helping people do better at their routine daily aspects Research by British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) has found that graduates who […] More

  • yoga
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    The 10-Minute Yoga to Recharge Your Body

    Sages of ancient India performed Sun Salutation as a prayer, offering their gratitude to the Sun that gives energy to all life forms. Today, yoga gurus and yoga experts across the world prescribe the Sun Salutation for its benefits ranging from mental peace to physical health to weight loss. The Sun Salutation, also known as […] More

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    Qatar-based Meddy Introduces Telemedicine Service for Patients

    The rise in the COVID – 19 cases has created a risk of spreading the pandemic disease, due to which patients are avoiding visiting hospitals.  To avoid the risk of novel coronavirus transmission — the largest doctor appointment booking system has introduced telemedicine solutions. During such pandemic, if anybody intends to consult a doctor […] More

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    Nutrition: Diet, Health & Diseases

    What is nutrition? Nutrition in layman’s language is the process of providing or obtaining food necessary for human health and growth. Medical fraternity defines nutrition as the process of taking food through ingestion and using it for growth, metabolism & repair through digestion, absorption and excretion. So, nutrition is all about intake of healthy food […] More

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