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  • Eid Al Adha
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    Know what makes Eid Al Adha the most important festival?

    Eid Al Adha, one of the most important festivals of Muslims across the world, is also known as the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’. The occasion is often marked with prayers coupled with sacrificing animals such as a goat, sheep, camel or cow depending upon what people can afford. As far as importance is concerned, Eid Al […] More

  • EID Mubarak
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    This year’s Eid al Fitr Celebrations in Qatar

    There was sense of celebration going around in Qatar as The Crescent Sighting Committee of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced that May 23 would be the last day of Ramadan meaning that the first day of the holy Eid Al Fitr will be celebrated on Sunday, 24th May 2020. The sighting was […] More