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Meditation Is Better With Music. Myth or Fact?


Meditation is the practise of focusing attention inward. It’s a simple practise that helps to get insight or clarity of thoughts. Meditation provides the answers we’re seeking from the universe, leading us to inner peace, and creating conditions for a happy and fulfilling life. Regular practise of meditation help us to activate the higher faculties of our mind. Meditation is a simple process through which you give a few minutes of calmness to yourself. Adding music while meditating helps to still the mind as you sit in a quietly place and connect with yourself. Music soothes the body and mind, allowing you to focus on things that matter, bringing positivity and insight into your world. But a lot of people are not in favour of listening to music while meditating. Let’s take a look at the myths surrounding meditation with music, as well as the benefits from the combination.

Myths of meditating with music

Meditation with music is fraught with misconceptions that prevent many people from actively practising it.

Here are some common myths about meditating with music.

Meditation and music can’t be mixed

The most common myth about meditation is that meditation and music can’t be mixed. Lots of people strongly believe that it’s not possible to enter into deep meditation while listening to music. While it’s true that most form of meditation – including chanting or breathwork – do not lend themselves to meditative music. But mindfulness meditation does not have any strictly defined mode of practice, and music can be incorporated in this approach to meditation. It explains why mindfulness is the most popular form of meditation.

Only relaxing music works for meditation

Most people identify meditation with relaxation. Calming the mind is an important goal of meditation, but it also helps in gaining insight. Mindfulness meditation is typically designed to promote insight. While practising mindfulness you are just meditating and trying to work with whatever (thoughts) comes up, rather than striving to achieve a particular state of mind (like relaxing the mind). You can inspect your profound thoughts as you listen to your favourite music. It implies that as you explore your relationship with music, you also work towards self-discovery. Meditation helps to get a deeper insight into things and happenings around you – a realization that makes a simple relaxing session, a profound experience. And there is no particular genre of music that you have to restrict yourself for insight development. Recent studies on music therapy have suggested that listening to music is healing only when you enjoy the music, and it doesn’t matter whether you are listening to heavy metal, classical or pop music.

Certain kinds of music lend itself to deeper state of meditation

A lot of people believe that only spiritual music can be heard while meditating, to achieve a deeper state. Such people consider specific types of music such as kirtan, chanting, new age and sacred music as apt for meditation. But the truth is that people are drawn to a particular type of sound, and the choice of music is different for different minds. Each individual is different – slow, soothing genre of music may work for some people, and others may get their nirvana while listening to heavy metal music. Using a particular genre of music is a personal choice as only you can decide what type of music supports you in the path to a deeper state of meditation.  

Benefits of music during meditation

The music you enjoy may not be validated by others around you as every individual is drawn to specific sounds. Most people love the type of music they listen to as it leads to the path of inner peace. Listening to music makes you calm and stress seems to melt away. Such a state of calmness is ideal to meditate and get insight into your inner state of being. Music has a soothing effect on the mind and body, promoting better sleep at night. It has a relaxing effect on the mind that helps to concentrate better during meditation.    

Meditating with music allows you to dissociate yourself from the surrounding and you can focus on your mind and body. Music is therapeutic and listening to music while meditating helps to get into a deeper state of relaxation and development of insight. Meditation music anyone?

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