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List of churches in Qatar for Christians

Churches In Qatar

Christians in Qatar, here’s some of churches where you can stay to pray, heat mass or join a love service. Regardless of whether qatar is a dominatingly muslim nation and islam is the primary religion, there are the expats practicing various religions. Places of love that have been set up for those who are searching for their community in qatar.

For us Filipinos, it is already our tradition and some part of our qualities to go to church and pray. We accept that praying inside the church is way successful for our spiritual needs; be it a simple prayer, saying thanks, looking for direction, or some other appeal.

Christian houses in doha

There’s no reason to worry over finding a holy place to pray here in qatar. The following is a list of open holy places for christians in qatar. Some include holy places for catholic, orthodox, syro malabar, anglican, baptist, marthomite and others.

Here are their areas just as other contact data.

It would be ideal if you are guided and don’t hesitate to reach them for additional subtleties and calendars.

Catholic church of our woman of the rosary

Bethel gathering of god


Doha church of christ

Malankara standard church

Church in Qatar

St. thomas csi church

  • Phone number: +97444321379
  • Address: p.o. Box 7962

St. thomas syro malabar church

  • Phone number: +97444868471
  • Address: p.o. Box 12230

Church of the revelation

St. mary’s malankara catholic church

Did we miss any church in qatar? Do let me know, so we can include them this list and have a more updated directory for chistians living and need to practise their confidence in this nation.

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