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How to discover your spirit animal

discover your spirit animal

Spirit animals are the personal messengers that come to an individual in the form of an animal. As per Native American traditions, they are the spiritual guides that appear to us in the form we are willing to see them. Often people connect to their spiritual guides through their pets or other animals around them. Soothsayers believe that we cannot choose which animal will be our spirit helper, rather it’s the animal that chooses us. Also, there may be several spirit animals to provide guidance at different phases during our lifetime. Our animal guides are there to help us navigate through life with conviction, wisdom and self-confidence.

How to discover your spirit animal

Most people are clueless as to how to discover their spirit animal or the message coming from them.

Here are some ways to connect to your spirit animal:

Unravel your dreams

Our dreams are an extension of our life activities. So, whenever you dream of an animal it’s best to journal it the first thing next morning. Repeated dreams of a particular animal may be an indication of your spirit animal.

Animals connecting to your past

Think about the animals you have grown up with, a favourite pet or an animal in the wilds that you happen to meet too often at a younger age. Any on them may have been your spirit animal.

Animals that attract you

Sit down to meditate in a quiet place and allow your intuition to discover the spirit animal. Let your instinct reflect over a particular animal that had been special to you and the lessons of mental strength and confidence it tried to impart. Write down the answers as they come every time. After a couple of days check the journal to see which animal and teachings connect to you the most.

Listen to your spirit animal

The spirit animal is there to impart lessons on our strengths. They highlight the natural qualities and strengths we embody, and should be using in our life. Over the years the spirit animals change resonating to our life status. For example, if you keep dreaming of a crow it could imply that it’s your spirit animal and trying to convey you to channelize the resolute hunter’s energy inherent to you.

Keep a photograph, painting or a model of your spirit animal to remind you about the core quality they signify. Several Native American tribes have a rich tradition of inheriting and passing down of such animal totems through generations. Such representations are considered sacred and deeply revered by the owners.

Core qualities of some spirit animals

Each spirit animal symbolizes different qualities and strengths. Read on to understand which animal is your guiding spirit.



The bear is the most influential spirit animal. It symbolizes strength and a grounding force with its strong connection to the earth and nature. The bear guides you through life, providing support when you need physical and emotional healing.


The butterfly symbolizes change or transformation. It teaches you to make personal transformation for growth & development. The spirit of the butterfly is an important lesson on adaptability, embracing the changes through the various phases of life with grace.


The cat is emblematic of balance needed in life, of when to rest and when to take action. It’s known to sit patiently and wait for the right time to take action. It symbolizes the spirit of independence, curiosity, courage and ability to heal from within.


The deer has strong intuition and is very sensitive to its surrounding. With strong qualities like intuitive, vigilance, strength and determination, the deer is able to face challenges with the right balance of confidence and gentleness. 


The dove symbolizes love and peace. It’s a messenger of hope & salvation in difficult times. The presence of dove signifies new beginnings and optimism.


The dolphin is intelligent and intuitive to its environment. It represents harmony and inner strength, reminding us to live life with humour and playfulness.


The elephant is a symbol of towering strength, power and wisdom, making this huge animal a natural leader. In spite of its authoritative presence, the elephant possesses a friendly & gentle disposition.


The frog is an emblem of transition, renewal and cleansing of body, mind and spirt. It symbolizes the importance of healing from past emotional encounters to live a fulfilling life in the present moment.


The fox spirit animal shows itself to provides guidance in the face of challenging situations. It teaches us to develop quick thinking skill and adaptability around obstacles. The cunning quality associated with fox is actually its ability to see through deceptions.


The horse symbolizes passion, drive and a spirit of independence. This spirit animal gives us lessons in imbibing strong motivation to continue with life goals. It strongly upholds the masculine energy.


The hawk totem is seen as a messenger from the spiritual world. It provides guidance in viewing situations from a wider perspective. As a spiritual teacher, it helps to act with wisdom at the right time.


Strength, power and courage are the defining characteristics of the lion spirit animal. This spiritual animal provides lessons in fighting relentlessly when faced with obstacles. Visualising this totem implies an impending threat in life.


The mouse symbolizes adaptability to environment, quickness and strong intuitions. If you have been presented with this spirit animal, it’s a call to pay attention to the details and look for solution in the scarce resources to thrive in any situation.


The owl spirit guide provides you with intuition, to see the reality that lies beyond illusions and the deceits. Presence of the owl signifies changes in life, that announce complete transitions.


The peacock animal spirit represents rebirth and rejuvenation. The graceful bird teaches the significance of facing challenges with courage, confidence and integrity. It’s a call to balance life with wisdom, spirituality and beauty.


The turtle spirit animal symbolizes patience and being grounded at all times. The turtle totem encourages us to use our wisdom with serenity and find lasting solutions. It also imparts an important life lesson to slow down and grow in emotional strength.


The tiger spirit animal emphasises on courage and strength. If you find yourself with this spirit animal, it’s a strong message to trust your intuition to deal with situations and act fast if required.


Appearance of the wolf spirit animal is a strong message to look into your intuition. This totem symbolizes intelligence and uncompromising need for freedom, while also appreciating social comfort. Seek your spirit animal in your dreams, meditation or during real-life encounters to help you guide through life situations. Journal your experiences and analyse them to see if there is a spirit animal trying to highlight your natural strengths and qualities. 

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