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  • Vitamins
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    Vitamins: Health and Wellness for All

    Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential for your body to survive and stay healthy. They are needed in small quantities to enable smooth functioning of the body. For instance, vitamins help your body to resist infections, keep nerves healthy, help blood to clot, and to get energy from food. Vitamins are the micronutrients that […] More

  • sea
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    Boats and Yacht Rental services in Qatar

    In summer we all enjoy swing, we just can hardly wait to get out and have some good times in the sun. Boating or taking the yacht out with your loved ones in the quiet oceans of Qatar sounds about great, right? Qatari specialists have reported that they would start Phase 3 of COVID-19 related […] More

  • qatar about
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    Know how Big is Qatar?

    This can be the most interesting truth that you’ll hear today. According to The Telegraph, the Qatar’s state is one of the most urbanized places on the planet, along with the travel industry giants Singapore and Hong Kong, over 99% of its occupants considering themselves town or city dwellers despite of the small Arabian peninsula […] More

  • Msheireb Downtown
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    Complete guide to Msheireb Tram and Msheireb Downtown Doha

    Qatar has now started the Msheireb Tram and its opening has made accessibility easier to the historical Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) known also as the “the world’s smartest and most sustainable fully built city district.” The MDD is located in the heart of Doha and was developed by the Msheireb properties, an arm of the […] More

  • Qatar Population
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    Know about the Population and Expat nationalities in Qatar

    Qatar is said to have a very diverse population. Though being one among the smallest countries in the world, its diaspora is present in almost all countries and have been respected all over the world. Every year, thousands from around the world throng to Qatar to seek good job opportunity. In 2017, Qatar’s Prime Minister […] More

  • coca-cola-B
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    Do you know 4 Benefits of Drinking Coca-Cola Soft Drink

    Coca-Cola is one soft-drink that we have been drinking right from our childhood but its existence far crosses back many more years. It is one drink which has been continuously present in the market and its composition has always been debated as well. Despite it coming with a warning of ‘It’ll rot your teeth!’, its […] More

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