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  • skin care
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    Sensitive Skin: How To Deal With It?

    The skin comprises of protective layers that locks in moisture and prevents external factors like sun, wind and pollutants from penetrating through it. Anything that damages this protective layer causes the skin to react to the environment, making skin itchy, dry and sensitive. Sometimes internal factors like stress and certain types of food causes skin […] More

  • Mental health
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    Holistic concept of wellbeing – Mental Health

    – The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” In common language mental health is […] More

  • Healing Crystals
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    A Guide To Healing Crystals

    Crystals are a powerful medium of healing as they attract positive energy and repel or absorb negative energy. Healing crystals have been used by psychic readers to help us in our journey through life. They are powerful stones, and if used in proper manner, can help to reach our goals like true love, inspiration and […] More

  • Hair care
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    Meet The Haircare Superhero: Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is often hailed as the haircare superhero of all times. Impressively, coconut oil is what it’s so widely touted, providing natural care for the scalp and hair. If you haven’t heard of coconut oil then know that it’s the ultimate nourishing hair oil. The thick oil has the ability to penetrate into hair […] More

  • Al Qarma Beach Garden
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    Al Qarma Beach Garden and Al Shu’aa Reserve: Best Guide for Family Destination in Al Khor

    Looking for more places to escape with your children? Why not head north to Al Khor and look at the reopened Al Qarma Beach Garden and Al Shu’aa Reserve? This is what you can expect from these destinations. Al Qarma Beach Garden Opened in 2018, this beachfront park is only for children under 10 years […] More

  • Makeup brush
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    Acupressure Hack: Erase Forehead Lines With Makeup Brush

    Acupressure is an alternative healing practice that works by stimulating pressure points, sending message to the body (using a needle or other things) to restart its self-healing mechanisms. Usually an acupuncturist works with needles at the clinic. Acupressure can be practised at home by manipulating the pressure points with acupressure tools like rollers and gua shas. […] More

  • how-to-write-rental-agreement
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    Tips to Property Management for Landlords in Qatar

    Being a landlord can be a difficult task, particularly in case you’re simply starting or if you have different properties to manage. In fact, property managers could really make the deciding break of your estate investment! To ensure that your property managers’ skills are up to the mark, try to follow these 7 property management […] More

  • Living in a Partitioned villa or Apartment, is it Legal in Qatar_
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    Living in a Partitioned villa or Apartment, is it Legal in Qatar?

    It is illegal to partitions in Qatar as per the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, who inform that legal action will be taken against anyone who tries to adjust their villas without permission of the Ministry and without getting the required approval to keep away from various health and security violations including the chance of […] More

  • Top 5 Places to See Around the North of Qatar
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    Top 5 Places to See Around the North of Qatar

    Need to get away and unwind? Schedule these trips for a simple weekend getaway from Doha! At present there are Top 5, we’re starting with Qatar’s northern side. Here are the main 5 destinations you can look out! 1. Ghost town of Al Jumail If you’re a fan of visiting deserted places, at that time […] More

  • Lusail City
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    Lusail City: Top 5 Iconic Structures in Doha Qatar

    A world-class futuristic city perched on the waterfront set to turn into a modern community, tourist destination and a business hub. That’s the way Qatari Diar, the engineers of Lusail City, describes its biggest real estate venture which is also considered as one of the biggest smart cities in the world. If you haven’t been […] More

  • Residents can Change Employer Within 90 Days of RP Expiry
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    Residents can Change Employer Within 90 Days of RP Expiry

    As per the new ministerial decision published from the Official Gazette yesterday, September 20 residents can change their employer within 90 days from the expiry of their residence permit. The new decision was distributed in the Official Gazette, as posted by the Ministry of Justice on its Twitter account yesterday. The Minister of Interior Decision […] More

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