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  • Namste
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    Do you know the meaning of Namaste?

    Namaste is a Sanskrit word and means “I bow to you.” ‘Nama’ means ‘bow’, ‘as’ means ‘I’, and ‘te’ means ‘you’ – together they add up to ‘I bow to you’. It’s an Indian form of greeting conveying respect and reverence, traditionally followed since ancient time. Namaste, also known as “Anjali Mudra” (prayer position for […] More

  • burning sage
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    How about sage cleansing your home?

    What is sage and smudging? Sage or garden sage is an aromatic herb widely cultivated for adding flavour to cuisines all over the world. The scientific name of this evergreen plant is Salvia officinalis, and it’s a member of the mint family. It has natural healing properties and has served as remedial medication for stomach […] More