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Al Thakira Mangroves – The most visited place in Qatar

Al Thakira

Al Thakira Mangroves is one of the most visited places in Qatar. it is among the oldest and largest forests in Qatar and has been revered among all the centuries of its existence. The place is located very nearby to the Al Khor Industrial area. To find such a beautiful location around an industrial area in itself is a pleasant surprise.

The composition of Al Thakira

Mangrove forests hardly grow in as harsh environment as that of Qatar and therefore there are relatively lesser number of plants as compared to other mangroves in other subsistence and mangroves are only few here. The most local type of mangrove which are native to Qatar is Avicennia Marina (aka white or gray mangrove), a type of mangrove which can endure the high levels of salinity in the water and the characteristic of the Persian Gulf.

Mangroves are completely different ecosystem and have different characteristics both above and below the water. If you see below the ground water, you would find tree branches covered with salt, seaweed, and seashells as well as the roots equipped with snorkels known as pencil roots which enables them to absorb air during high tide. Such an ecosystem attracts a lot of birds such as herons, flamingos as well as fishes and crustaceans.

Location of Al Thakira Mangroves

This place is located only 8 kilometres from the city of Al Khor and it can be reached by a car from there. It will require a four kilometre off road ride through the compacted sand and salt areas. Then the dirt track will lead to a beach where the mangrove forests begin to appear. However, you will not find any signs and symbols here to guide.

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