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Acupressure Hack: Erase Forehead Lines With Makeup Brush

Makeup brush

Acupressure is an alternative healing practice that works by stimulating pressure points, sending message to the body (using a needle or other things) to restart its self-healing mechanisms. Usually an acupuncturist works with needles at the clinic. Acupressure can be practised at home by manipulating the pressure points with acupressure tools like rollers and gua shas. Sometimes tiny areas need thin pointed tools to stimulate the area for a deeper massage. An acupuncturist or an aesthetician usually take help of an acupressure pen or wand for the job. But if you are performing acupressure on yourself, a small makeup brush can be used for the purpose.

Acupressure with a makeup brush

A small makeup brush can be used as an acupressure tool. An eyeliner brush with round tip works best as your at-home acupressure tool. The tip of the brush is perfect to stimulate the tiny pressure points in the delicate areas of your face. It soothes away tension from the face and also promotes circulation, giving you a toned and rejuvenated appearance. 

The round-headed makeup brush is just right to work on the frown lines in your forehead. Make small circular strokes across the forehead with the tip of the brush. Massage both sides of the forehead, along the brow bone – gradually stimulating the pressure points with circular movement. Pay extra attention to tender, swollen spots that are likely to have fluid retention. The simple motion with a makeup brush will reduce frown lines on the forehead. Besides, it’s incredibly relaxing.

Practising acupressure at home doesn’t require any specific tool, the fingers are good enough. But having a tool that can pinpoint the precise area works better. So, when you are purchasing a gua sha, add a makeup brush as well, to work at the hard-to reach pressure points for your self-massage sessions. The rounded tip brush works as a versatile tool – providing relaxation, toning and draining of lymph fluids from the face. And with the radiant appearance, you may not use the brush for what it’s actually intended.   

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