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A Guide To Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

Crystals are a powerful medium of healing as they attract positive energy and repel or absorb negative energy. Healing crystals have been used by psychic readers to help us in our journey through life. They are powerful stones, and if used in proper manner, can help to reach our goals like true love, inspiration and creativity, or provide protection from negative energies. The crystals work by aligning our focus and energy to the desired intent and result.

Healing crystals for love, creativity & protection

The multitude of crystals out there, make it difficult to understand which one of them will work for us. To make it easy for you, here is a brief on some healing crystals for love, creativity and protection, and how they work.

Crystals for attracting love

If you are looking for love – romantic, divine or love in friendship – then aventurine, rose quartz and malachite are the gemstones for you. Aventurine will help you find romantic love if you are in the dating scene. Keep your heart and eyes open and look out for possible love relationships with a little help from this healing crystal. Welcome rose quartz into your life to attract love, compassion and romantic connections, i.e. for all matters related to heart. Malachite regulates your behaviour, helping you to shed undesirable habits and to maintain healthy relationships. These pink and green crystals will help you to forge new relationship or reinforce your existing relationship.

How it works.

Place aventurine, rose quartz and malachite in your palms and say “I am open to love” – at least once every day. Place the aventurine in your purse, pocket or bra for a dose of love energy when you go on a date. Malachite and rose quartz have to be kept together on the nightstand to attract romantic love.

Crystals for creativity

Angel aura quartz, red jasper, tiger’s-eye and carnelian help you to reach your inner freedom, essential for creativity and innovative work. The angel aura quartz crystal provides inspiration to tap your playful nature and live to the fullest. Start a new project with motivation from the red jasper, and watch your creative endeavour reach its end. Introduce the tiger’s eye into your life, and get the courage to tap into your innovative spirit and generate creative work. Feel the magical power of carnelian, the super crystal for creativity, enhancing confidence and firing your creative energy.

How it works.

Create a vision board displaying your goals and dreams through images and words to spark inspiration. Place the creativity crystals in the vision board to instill creative energy within you. The crystals have to be placed in the following order – carnelian crystal at the top and angel aura quartz at the bottom; red jasper crystal has to be in the right and tiger’s-eye should be on the left – within the vision board. Let the healing crystals stay in the vision board until the completion of the creative project.

Crystals for protection

Black tourmaline, pyrite, shungite, tourmalinated quartz and selenite are powerful crystals that provide protection at home, in office and while you are on the go. Most protection crystals are black or white. Dark stones absorb negativity and create a protective shield over your energy. White crystals or clear crystals fill your energy field with positivity by raising your vibrating frequency. Pyrite crystal has a unique energy that protects your energy field.

How the crystal works at home

Black tourmaline and selenite are the perfect crystal combinations for providing protection at home. They work in tandem to dispel negative energy and suffuse the home space with light. Eliminate negativity within your home with black tourmaline that works as an energy bodyguard. Selenite removes all unwanted energies and brings in energy of higher vibration, promoting a healthier living space. Place these protection crystals on a windowsill or on the corners of the room, creating a protective energy shield around your home.

How the crystal works in your workspace

Pyrite and shungite crystals provide protection from negativity when you feel burdened by workload, stress and deadlines. Pyrite crystal shields you from negative energy, and also helps to attract success and wealth at the workplace. Tourmalinated quartz offers the combined energy of black tourmaline and clear quartz, which help in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones – leading to focused efforts on the job. For best result, place pyrite on your business card, a business proposal, or on an important document. The best place for shungite is on the laptop or desktop, while tourmalinated quartz must be kept on your work station.

How the crystal works on the go

The protective crystal, Black tourmaline is your best shield when you are away from home or the workplace. While on the go, rely on this powerful crystal to keep your energy protected from other influences. Carry black tourmaline in your pocket or inside the purse for optimum protection as you go about.

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