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9 Things you didn’t know about Pole Dancing

pole dancing

Pole dancing is a performance art that requires acrobatic skill of an athlete and the grace of an artist. It’s performed by a single artist around a vertical metal pole. This form of art is practiced as an erotic dance in exclusive clubs, as well as in dedicated dance studios and in gyms. It looks fun as a viewer but requires immense practice and fitness to perform the moves. 

Here are some fundamentals about this unique fitness form.

Full body workout

Pole dancing will keep you in the best shape. It’s a whole-body workout, with cardio, resistance and flexibility training rolled into one. This fitness form requires practitioners to perform acrobatics around a metal pole. A pole dancer either suspends the body weight or propels it around the pole. The dancer displays incredible strength with the simple act of maneuvering his/her body around the pole. It’s the best fitness form that practitioners can start at any age.

3 types of pole dancing

Most of us know pole dancing as the erotic form performed in strip clubs. While this type is the most known, there are actually three types of pole dancing: sport, artistic and sexy. The sport version is adopted by serious athletes, who perform aerial acrobatics around the pole – displaying amazing muscular strength. Some members of this branch have appealed the Olympic committee to include pole as one of its competitive sports events. Many have embraced the artistic side of pole dancing. Practitioners of this branch prefer barefoot performance and have even incorporated props, costumes and modern dance steps. This group add creative inputs to pole dancing. Lastly, there is the sexy type of pole dancing practiced by many. Practitioners of this form typically wear heels, which is not obligatory. All three forms of pole dancing are flourishing and dancers are happy to adopt a particular type and swing around the pole.

Proper training from professionals

Pole dancing looks fun but requires athletic strength. Pole dance can give you bruises, back ache or shoulder pain when proper techniques are not adopted. Even overtraining can leave you with injuries. It’s advisable to learn from certified professionals, rather than trying to pick up the moves from a self-help video after installing a metal pole at home. Many people who try pole dancing end up with aches, if the first attempt is amateurish and without a trainer. The best way to learn the sport is with an instructor and moving forwards towards advanced steps gradually.

Exposed skin provides grip to pole

Pole dancing requires exposed skin, providing the dancer a good grip around the metal pole with different parts of the body. The practitioner has to keep the arms, legs and stomach exposed to perform. While basic poses like grounded spins and floor work can be managed with pants, but advanced pole dancing requires skin exposure for the grip around the pole. Actually, most dancers focus on the moves (rather than how they look) that give them a sense of freedom, and helps in confidence building.

Not sexy behind the scene

Viewers of pole dancing find it very sexy and it’s indeed sexy. But the pole dancer goes through many hours of practice before mastering the moves. While learning and perfecting the moves, many pole dancers end up with bruises, burns and scrapes. During practice the practitioners wear comfortable clothes, unlike the tiny sexy shorts and sports bras we see them in.

Men pole dancing

Men are also into pole dancing, and their number is growing constantly. Men have the advantage of upper body strength, making them natural candidates of pole dancing. Many ancient civilizations have a form of pole dance, for instance Mallakhamb is an Indian sport performed on wooden poles. It’s practiced only by men.

Endless tricks to grow in this sport

There can be no excuses for not learning pole dance. One does not need an ideal weight or flexibility or upper body strength to learn pole dancing. Also, there is no age bar or rhythm required. Pole dancing helps you to learn and grow as you become a skilled performer. In pole dancing you can always adopt a trick to learn the moves. The possibilities of using creativity and imaginations to grow in this sport are endless.  

Tight-knit community

Pole dancers are a closely knit community due to the taboo around pole dancing, bonding them in a unique closeness. Practitioners range across professions, religions, cultures, ethnicity and age. Pole dancers get an opportunity to travel across the world and make friends all over the globe due to the sport. The practitioners have shared interest in the community members – supporting each other in learning new moves, sharing videos and also watch each other perform.

Emotional wellbeing and healing

Pole dancing offers optimum physical fitness. But most people stick to it as it provides a sense of freedom every time they master a move or express a specific emotion through the sport. The practitioner experiences intense joy that cannot be expressed.

Pole dancers can express joy, sorrow or anger in their dance moves. Pole dancing is a combination of athletic skill and artistic acumen woven into one – making it a unique fitness form. It’s a merger of dance and sport.

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