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9 Best Dry Body Brushes For Glowing Skin

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Dry body brushing is a beauty routine followed by women before a shower or bath to slough off dead skin. It involves brushing of the skin using a soft bristled dry brush to get toned, soft and glowing skin. The technique of brushing is important to get the desired result. The brush strokes are swept towards the center of the body – starting from feet and hands, moving gradually towards the heart. Dry brushing effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, opens pores and removes dirt from skin surface. The right pressure of the brush strokes activates lymphatic movement, while relaxing and rejuvenating the body. Regular dry brushing helps to detox the body, preventing retention of lymph fluids and cellulite. Dry brushing has no side effects but ample benefits that are immediate and long lasting.

Best dry body brushes

Avoid dry & scaly skin, cellulite and improve circulation with regular dry body brushing using an appropriate dry brush.

Here is a brief on some of the best dry brushes.

1. Province Apothecary – Daily Glow Facial Dry

Give an energy boost to your facial skin by activating the lymphatic system. Facial dry brushing will reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles, while improving skin tone. Daily ritual with the dry brush, made from goat-hair bristles and oak handle, will eliminate dead skin and brighten your appearance.

2. Beauty by Earth Dry Brushing Body Brush

Smooth, soft and glowing skin is just a dry brush away. Use the double-sided dry brush with long handle at least thrice a week to slough off dead skin, and to reduce and prevent cellulite. The boar hair bristle works for exfoliation, while the rubber massaging bits does its magic on cellulite. Make dry brushing a regular ritual to stimulating lymphatic drainage and skin rejuvenation from head to toe.

3. Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush

This natural-bristle brush is the best for beginners trying to master the technique of dry brushing. Created with soft bristles that are gentle on most skin types, promoting tight, smooth skin, as well as helping to reduce and prevent cellulite. It can even be used in the shower for milder sensation. The soft body brush features a strap on the back for easy grip and brushwork.

4. Saje In The Buff Natural Bristle Dry Brush

Introduce spa-like routine to your morning ritual with dry brushing, supporting the body’s rejuvenation process, making skin soft and smooth. Made from natural sisal bristles, it will gently exfoliate dead skin cells, while leaving skin energized. The multisided brush requires fewer manoeuvres around armpits and knees.

5. G.Tox Ultimate Dry

Unravel baby smooth skin with a dry body brush that is specially designed for intensive exfoliation. Dry brushing with natural sisal fibres will leave skin soft, energised and revitalized. The dry brush comes with ergonomic handle for thorough brushing of even the hard to reach areas.

6. Ecotools Dry Body Brush

Dry brushing helps to exfoliate and boost circulation, giving you soft and glowing skin. This dry body brush comes with ultra-soft bristles that are easy on sensitive skin. The eco-friendly dry brush features a bamboo handle and the bristles are made from recycled materials.

7. Belula Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set

Get glowing skin all over with a dry brush set, including face brush, body brush and exfoliating shower gloves. The brushes are made of boar bristle and the handles feature 100% natural cherry wood. Rejuvenate yourself with dry brushing that helps to remove dead skin cells, reduce cellulite and increase circulation.

8. Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush

Attain glowing, healthy skin from top to toe. The polishing body brush is made of natural wood and soft cactus sisal bristles, supporting deep exfoliation and relaxation. It features a hand strap for ease of use while dry brushing each morning for soft and smooth skin.

9. Prana Ionic Dry Brush

Detoxify the body with ionic dry brush, the finest brush for dry brushing. Specially designed for advanced brushing, this dry brush improves circulation, exfoliates dead skin, reduces and prevents cellulite and improves skin tone. The dry brush comes with ion charged copper bristles that help in protecting the body from free radicals. It also features beechwood handle and the outer circle of the bristles is made of boar hair.

Dry brushing is a great alternative to body scrubs to slough off dead skin cells. This beauty regimen makes skin soft and smooth, and also diminishes cellulites. Besides, daily dry skin brushing gives you a glowing complexion, which definitely is a mood booster. So why not indulge in some dry body brushing?

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