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8 Habits of an intuitive person


Intuition, also referred to as ‘gut feeling’, is the process of gaining knowledge and understanding without using the normal procedure of learning, thinking or the five senses.  It’s also known as the ‘sixth sense’, stressing on the existence of an additional sense (other than the five senses), that guides us through life’s decisions and plans. An intuitive person uses the subconscious mind to bring information into the consciousness, for solving problems, getting ideas for business or guidance to move forward in love, career and other aspects of life. People who act on intuition are able to make better decisions, are empathic towards others, and rely on their sixth sense to lead them in the right path. Highly intuitive people have strong empathic ability and can feel social experiences – like shame, anger, disgust or love – of other people. It means they are highly sensitive to the vibrations of others and can use it to finetune their own actions in a situation.

Habits of an intuitive person

Intuitive people listen to their inner voice or the unconscious mind to make quick judgements and decisions that are often right. An intuitive mind follows the gut instinct that keeps steering the person in the right direction.   

Here are some habits of intuitive people.

1. Pay attention to dreams

Intuitive people have vivid dreams related to their life, and some dreams may even come true. Intuition and dreams are an extension of the unconscious thinking process of human brain. By paying attention to dreams, an intuitive person gets information and direction to move in the right way.  

2. Deep connection with people

People with intuitive ability have strong empathic power and can feel the emotions of others. Whether it’s love, guilt, embarrassment, rejection or disgust an intuitive person can experience social emotions just by watching them. They are endowed with empathic accuracy, a term used in psychology to describe a person’s ability to assess another person’s mental state through words and body language.

3. Listen to their inner voice

Intuitive people listen to their inner voice for guidance while taking decisions in life. They pay heed to their gut feeling and reasoning, using all resources before taking action. An intuitive mind does not reject rational thinking. It just balances the resources at the disposal of the brain. Successful businessmen have often attributed a significant decision to a hunch or an instinct.

4. Keen observers

Observing people and things in the environment is an inherent quality of an instinctive person. Any odd event or coincidences are indications conveying a deeper message. An intuitive person sees beyond the outer charm, beauty and talent of individuals. It implies that they are able to tap into their instinct to discern the real nature of people. Also, they pay heed to their gut feelings (manifested as physical sensations) when things don’t seem right.

5. Spend some time in solitude

An intuitive mind spends times in solitude to get in touch with the inner self. Most intuitive people are introvert and love to dwell into their thoughts. Silence and solitude will help an intuitive person to tap into the inner wisdom and reconnect with the self.

6. Feel connected to nature

Intuitive people get their best ideas during long walks in the midst of natural surroundings. The intuitive mind works best in the outdoors, getting communication from the inner voice about the future course of life. They get messages from the clouds, trees and other elements – animate and inanimate – of the natural world.

7. Practise mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to tap into the deeper thoughts. An intuitive person practises mindfulness to remove mental clutter, tunes into the inner voice and takes objective decisions. Meditation allows us to assess experiences in a non-judgemental manner, and boost intuitive thinking as well as compassion.

8. Let go of negativity

Negative emotions are a downer for an intuitive mind. It implies that strong emotions that upset us put a cloud on intuitions. Intuitive people mindfully let go of negative emotions to stay connected to the inner thoughts.

Intuition is an inborn trait that stays with you even if you remain unaware of it. People who cannot read their inner voice are forced to recognize it, as their intuition finds ways to externalize the signs. Intuition never abandons you, providing guidance in love, career and health.

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