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12 Laws Of The Universe

12 Laws of Universe

The 12 universal laws are a series of interconnected spiritual laws that have an impact on all aspects of human life. Each of the 12 universal laws teach something unique about life – attachments, happiness, success, empathy and wellbeing. Deep insight into these laws will help you in getting a clear picture of the universe and how you are connected to others in this world. Ignorance about the connections between the laws leads to obstacles, making you feel helpless, confused and frustrated. You start questioning your goal as everything seems to fail, no matter how much planning is involved. An understanding of the connection through the creator will help you in assessing how people influence each other, and how you can use this awareness to make positive changes in your life.

What are the 12 laws of the universe?

Awareness of the 12 laws of the universe will give you a sense of confidence and make you more productive. Even a general understanding on each of the different laws will change the way you feel about events, experiences and people around you.

Here is a brief on the 12 universal laws to make your life happier and more meaningful.

1. Law of divine oneness

The law of divine oneness if the foundational law upon which the other universal laws are built. As per this law each one of us are connected through our creator, the divine source of our existence – implying that the universe is interconnected. It means our actions, choices, desires, words and thoughts and belief are likely to impact people around us and also the world. The impact will be immediate and visible sometimes, while at other times there will be a delayed impact and may not be obvious to us. The law teaches us to be empathic and live in harmony as all our actions have a ripple effect.

2. Law of vibration

Every particle in the universe is constantly vibrating. Everything has a unique vibration and moving constantly with a specific energy frequency. The law of vibration states that items with similar vibration attract each other. High frequency particles attract other high frequency particles, and the low vibrating particles attract similar particles. Even human beings have a vibe and attract their type with a specific frequency. So, if you desire to make changes in life, you need to adjust your energy frequency and that will attract a new vibration.    

3. Law of correspondence

Patterns are created at the sub-conscious level on every single day of our life. These patterns are often inherited from family and keep repeating at different phases in our lives. Activate this law by identifying the patterns in your life, to take action either by continuing the positive patterns or breaking the ones that do not serve your purpose anymore.  

4. Law of attraction

The belief you have in yourself strongly powers your intentions and actions. The law of attraction teaches us that to get the things you desire in life you need to change your vibration to the frequency of those things. People who are positive, proactive and loving attract people with similar vibe. Similarly, pessimistic, lethargic and timid people will attract negative people and continue to experience negativity in life, as long as they do not work towards changing their vibration.   

5. Law of inspired action

The law of inspired action is about taking the necessary steps to see the physical manifestation of intentions in the real world. It delineates the fact that intensions and actions must be aligned for the manifestation of desires. Visualizing a goal with a positive attitude initiates the law of attraction. The law of inspired action nudges you to take physical steps (big or small) towards the goal, which is necessary to achieve the things you want.

6. Law of cause and effect

This law suggests that anything we do to others we actually do to ourselves, as we are all connected. The law of cause and effect is a direct offshoot of the law of divine oneness. Often referred to as the law of karma, this law shows us that we get what we give. Loving gestures bring back positive gestures from others, and when we give pain to someone, we get it back in some manner. To harness the power of the law of cause and effect, it’s pertinent to send out positive vibes and get it right back.

7. Law of compensation

The law of compensation essentially states – “you reap what you sow”. It implies that positive efforts come back with positive results and experiences. This law instils trust in the belief that the universe will compensate us for our good deeds and reward us likewise. Here compensation refers not just to financial compensation but to all forms of contribution – if you spread love, happiness and kindness to the world around you, the reward will be similar. This law is closely related to the law of attraction and the law of correspondence.

8. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

This law suggests that everything in the universe is in a state of flux. Things are constantly changing in the universe – every action precedes a thought and the thought inspires us to take small steps towards the goal. The importance of this law lies in the realization that we can change our lives exactly like we desire, by changing the vibration of our energy frequency. For instance, if you are vibrating at low frequency, exposing yourself to the company of a happy friend, vibrating at a high frequency, will stimulate energy transmutation in you.

9. Law of relativity

The law of relativity suggests that everything is neutral in the universe, when viewed in isolation. So, nothing is good or bad, until a person, emotion, action or experience is compared to something else. It is our thought process that ascribes meaning to the experiences and things around us. There is multiple perspective to things around us. For example, you may feel poor, but that’s because your best friend is wealthy. This law teaches us to dwell upon alternative perspectives, making you feel gratitude for everything and to introduce improvements in life.

10. Law of gender

The law of gender is about the two types of energy existing in human beings. It’s the masculine and feminine energy that the Chinese refer to as the yin and yang. These two energies are complementary and we need to balance both to live a meaningful and happy life. The male energy is all about “action”, while the female energy wants to “just be”.

11. Law of polarity

The universe has everything with an opposite. There is day for night, good for evil, hot as against cold, as well as happiness for sadness – we cannot understand the difference between the two if these exist without the opposite. The law of polarity teaches us about the opposing aspects of life and helps us to create the life we desire. It’s an opportunity to understand the law of divine oneness that teaches us that we are all connected.   

12. Law of rhythm

Everything is in perpetual motion in the universe. There is a natural rhythm to everything in life – it’s visible in the seasons as well as the aging process of our body. The law of rhythm teaches us to embrace every stage of life as a lesson or a memorable experience. It teaches us to acknowledge the stages of life and remain unattached to them, as it has the potential to bring discontent in life.

Knowledge of these 12 universal laws will change the way you live. An understanding of how the universe operates provides us an opportunity to alter our life purpose and reset the life journey.

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