Turkish President Erdogan says Gulf crisis is dissipating and will end soon

Turkish President Erdogan says Gulf crisis is dissipating and will end soon

Qatar -Gulf Crisis Comments Off

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has stood with Qatar since the illegal blockade by neighbouring countries started on June 5, has said that he expects the crisis to end soon.

The top official made the observation that the Gulf crisis was dissipating fast while speaking at the TRT World Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, reported Gulf Times.

Erdogan, who spoke about the presence of around 250 Turkish soldiers in Qatar, said he had placed the offer for a Turkish base in Saudi Arabia as well.

“I told them ‘if you want we can also establish a base in Saudi Arabia.’ They said ‘we’ll evaluate it,” he recalled.

“If a response came, we could’ve also established a base there. The Gulf allows different countries to establish bases there. So why doesn’t it allow Turkey to do the same? We should get answers to these questions,” he said.

The Saudi-led bloc had laid down a list of 13 demands for Qatar, including the shutdown of the Turkish military base in the State.

Erdogan said demanding the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Qatar was a ‘disrespect to Turkey’ and also stood by a defence agreement signed with Qatar earlier. The Turkish parliament had also passed a bill allowing Ankara to send troops to the Turkish base in Qatar.

Qatar denounced the ultimatum as unreasonable and an impingement on the country’s sovereignty.

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