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  • social Media
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    The Social Media Virus Has Caught Us Now

    Yes, the virus has caught us all. By this, I do not at all mean Covid-19, which has become a big threat to the human race. Here, I am talking about the huge social media virus which has captured millions of Netizens in and around the world. It has become a part of our everyday […] More

  • Top 10 interesting Animals in Qatar
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    Top 10 interesting animals in Qatar

    However, Qatar is also one of the places, which do not allow more number of animal species to exist. There are completely less, where they could find their permanent house or live in the warm winter months in Qatar. Most of these are very rare and nervous. So I will introduce you some of the […] More

  • pearl Qatar
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    3 ways to find the Best Apartments in Qatar

    If you are searching for an apartment for rent in Doha, there may be a couple of things to concentrate on. For example, if it is furnished or not, if the apartment has a cleaner or it should be near to the metro station.  Thus, it means you need to search for a couple of […] More

  • skyscrapers in Qatar


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    Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Qatar

    Qatar is one of the most luxurious cities on the planet. And the average among rich urban areas, it has many skyscrapers — tall buildings that rule the skyline and give the impression of power and luxury. The majority of these skyscrapers are situated in the West Bay zone in Doha. Doha is one of […] More

  • Qatar Taxis
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    Qatar Taxi Fares and Types Of Taxis

    Most people who visit Qatar depend on taxi/taxi to get around the town. Among the hotels that you plan to stay in, will either help you get a taxi/taxi or they may already have a car service of their own. The Karwa taxis are quite popular and affordable. Which one is cheaper— Qatar, taxi, or […] More

  • Marriage laws in Qatar
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    Know about the Marriage Laws in Qatar

    Marriage is considered to be a contract in most parts of the world. Apart from its varying significance in different cultures, marriage is nothing short of a legal process in most countries. However, Qatar, with its unique rules and regulations pertaining to marriage, provides for a streamlined, hassle free practice of getting married. One is […] More

  • national
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    Do you know the last date for Registration of National Address?

    The Interior Ministry in Qatar has required all nationals and citizens to list their National Address before the July 26th 2020 of last date. The entry of the National Address should be required and it is important for the people to finish several different transactions. At that date over millions of people in Qatar have […] More

  • Qatar
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    Know why Qatar is the richest country in the world

    Qatar is the richest country in the world with a GNI per capital of $116,799. The per capita GNI is around $20,000 higher than the country coming second. While it might be the smallest countries among the member states of the OPEC, it is the richest in terms of oil reserves and equals to 13% […] More

  • Business in Qatar
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    How to Start Business and Business Laws in Qatar?

    Similarly as in some other nations, Qatar has its own particular rules and requirements about foreign countries working in this nation. There are satisfactory services in Qatar for legal, money related issues, tax matters, business counseling, company background checks and practicality studies. Professional specialists are available for any expert advice on such issues. To start […] More

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